African Voices of Hope and Change

African Voices of Hope & ChangeYes, our new ebook is ready! This title is dedicated to the Africa’s Sub-Saharan region, which remains a major focus for Global Voices: only in 2012 we produced almost 800 posts on various issues and people of that region alone. Here we gathered 13 of them covering stories and people about Senegal, Uganda, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau, Ghana, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Mauritania, Kenya, Angola and other countries.

Thanks to Mohamed Adel for technical support and to those who variously contributed to articles selected for this e-book: Afef Abrougui, Ahmed Jedou, Anna Gueye, Eleanor Staniforth, Endalk, James Propa, Kofi Yeboah, Lova Rakotomalala, Nwachukwu Egbunike, Richard Wanjohi, Sara Gold, Sara Moreira, and Ndesanjo Macha.

This e-book is available in two languages:



And spread the word in your glocal circles 😉

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  1. Bernardo Parrella Post author

    Another interesting story on The Economist about the “The world’s fastest-growing continent: Aspiring Africa”: «If aspiring Africa wants a new dream, it should be creating a common market from the Med to the Cape. … Africa needs a reborn liberation movement—except this time the aim is to free Africans from civil servants rather than colonial masters.»

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