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Freelance journalist, translator, activist. Involved with GV since May 2008, translator and editor for GV in Italian.

“EU in crisis” ebook ready!

"EU in crisis" ebook in englishThe Global Voices first e-book is a collection of best material from the wealth of social conversation, participation and mobilization boosted by citizens going through the tough times of austerity in the Old Continent and beyond.

We hand-picked and assembled the best posts from the on-going special coverage provided by our International team of dedicated citizen-reporters. Now you can download our ebook it in three different formats:

The ebook dedicated page provides more info and is open to further discussion, resources and updates. Enjoy!

Welcome everyone!

ebooksWith a little delay on our timetable (my apologies for that), here is a fresh review of our new exciting project – and its first building brick! The idea is to develop this collaborative space to make available our upcoming, lovely e-books as they get ready and also create a gathering place around them, with on-going discussions, new resources/links, etc.

After a proper search of relevant posts/materials across countries, topics, languages, we will provide broader dissemination to GV huge archive as an important historical and cultural treasure thus advancing GV’s mission of fostering “voices that are not ordinarily heard in international mainstream media.” These e-publications will be DRM-free, downloadable here and/or electronically delivered, formatted for several desktop and mobile devices (PC, smartphone, tablet, kindle, e-readers, apps, etc.), and released under a Creative Commons license. In time we intend to build a unique catalog focused on citizen and social media material to be distributed in many venues –directly involving GVers in its many production stages and also attracting all netizens interested in sharing their multimedia content on our platform.

Everybody is welcome to join and get involved! Here you can subscribe to our dedicated mailing list. After an initial discussion, the first two titles of our catalog will be Europe in Crisis and African Voices of Hope and Change (possibly in several languages). Please let’s warm up or engine: more news soon!