African Voices of Hope & Change

African Voices of Hope & ChangeHand-picked from the 2012 Global Voices coverage of the Africa’s Sub-Saharan region, this collection of stories is focused on Senegal, Uganda, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau, Ghana, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Mauritania, Kenya, Angola and other countries.

Thanks to Mohamed Adel for technical support and to those who variously contributed to articles selected for this e-book: Afef Abrougui, Ahmed Jedou, Anna Gueye, Eleanor Staniforth, Endalk, James Propa, Kofi Yeboah, Lova Rakotomalala, Nwachukwu Egbunike, Richard Wanjohi, Sara Gold, Sara Moreira, and Ndesanjo Macha.

This e-book is now available in four languages:



Thanks to our wonderful team of international editors and translators, this ebook is also available in Italian: si, l’ebook ora è disponibile anche in italiano:




Now you can find this e-book (along with any future GV e-book) on Scribd, Issuu and the Internet Archive — spread the word!

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2 thoughts on “African Voices of Hope & Change

  1. rakotomalala Monique

    I am planning to sent this e-book to my former colleagues who have vested interest to Africa…well done and thanks.

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